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Old 09-30-2016, 10:14 AM
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Faelivrin Faelivrin is offline

Join Date: May 2011
Location: In plain sight
Faelivrin has just set foot in the Tutorial Tower
Default First time For everything

For me it's level 18! Hello I'm Faelivrin, I've been playing wyvern real poorly since 2005. I've had dozens of characters that never made it to level 10 and only a select few who made it to level 15+ but even fewer ever getting accepted into a guild.

Burn the nonbeliever he's not HoF! *chants*

I admit I was eaten in Biny maps more times than I can count. HOWEVER with age and dreaming about wyvern for years comes determination and maybe a little bit of game knowledge. I'm currently playing as a High Elf - Whipsman (*applause wow so original wow*)

I'm flat out terrible at this game. Earlier I reached the deepest I've ever been in an RD-- Floor 20. Hooray! Congrats! Here's your -- hewn by mercenary RIP. How about we just train over here by these...stonewind RIP.

I love how unforgiving this game is (Kiz w/o keyboard is madness) but I would like to know how to live! I should have picked up a stone giant and just bashed my way through the game, but no I wanted to try something new (to me).

I have no idea where I should be allotting my skills. I have no idea what makes a build viable to get to HoF...I am terribad. I sell strange rings in MaH for medium price bad. Take a look, let's see what you think. Maybe I'll get some good advice...maybe I bungle my way to oblivion.

Whips: 10 trained + 2 Perf Rings = 16
Lore: 8 (3 Lore Point left)
Merchant: 2

Meditation: 16 (mage guild)
Air: 10
Death: 14
Earth: 8
Fire: 8
Life: 2
Mind: 2
Spirit: 6
Water: 8

Blade Spells: Vampire (yep just vamp, ditched the static blade because I'm a wimp who can't spam it properly, also no keyboard for alias)
Dispels: most of em (poison, confusion, fear, paralysis)
Vision: Darksight, Xray
Buffs: Strength, Speed, Fly, Invis, Mana Shield,
Resists: Cold, Fire, Shock, Petrification
I also use Slow to deal with fast hitting dinguses.

Lore Points available: 3
Skill Points available: 3

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