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Forum Feedback Please post any forum suggestions or problems here or in private mail to an admin.

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Old 01-11-2012, 09:54 AM
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Exclamation Closing this Forum

I'll be moving this forum back into the archives shortly. If you have any feedback or suggestions you can simply private message me from this point on.

Edit: Okay so I got a private message about this post that suggests I may have to clarify my previous statement. As such I copied the private message and my reply below. The person who sent it will remain nameless.

Player: If you are moving all the current forums to the archive is there any chance you can keep the forum about rhialto's letter out of the archives? This way if more user's show up they can still easily see the link to the letter.

If it is too much to ask I understand.


Arilou: *puts my face in my hand* We refer to this as "the forums" and not the "the forum" because "General" is its own forum, "Off Topic" is its own forum, and "Forum Feedback" is its own forum. The only one I'm moving into the archives is the latter forum. Hence the part about saying people can private message me if they have feedback from now on.
In case you're not aware, I specifically said this forum would only be temporary so you guys could comment on the forums when I was first setting things up. After a fashion, I moved it into the archives briefly, but it ended up back in public use for some reason that I do not recall off-hand. However, it has absolutely run its course by now so, again, just private message me feedback/suggestions in the future.

Also, just fyi - I have no intention of ever closing the forums. Even if the game never came back, (no, I'm not suggesting that as a possibility, it's just a hypothetical) I would either move it to a free hosting service or create a personal website and maintain a Wyvern related section. That way people would have a place to go and remissness.

However, again, please don't take this to mean that I am suggesting I might have to make that decision. I'm just trying to make the point that you don't have to worry about losing the forum. Whether the game is up, whether the game is down, whether I work on it or I don't, there's no reason that I would ever have to get rid of it completely.

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