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Suggestions Post any suggestions for new Wyvern content here that is too complicated to explain in the idea log or that you want to first get feedback on from other players.

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Old 07-16-2016, 12:10 AM
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Default New Title Screen

Dear Wyvern Developers,
Aesthetically, the new title screen is terrible. Do not use that, as it is a design nightmare. "Journey Onward ... presumably starts the game." Actually, no. "Journey Onward" does not immediately read to the layman as "start." "Journey Onward" is also partially obscuring the graphic of the map, which makes it integrate with that graphic, almost like saying, "Wyvern has been gone for a while, so we now have a subtitle, 'Journey Onward.' " The only redeeming quality is that the only other button is "Options," so it won't take long to paw at the screen and find the appropriate button to start the game.

The screen is really busy, but exceptionally blank, which is astounding. It has multiple treatments that make none of it coalesce. The background texture is pretty meh, and the effects on the text, as well as the new logo, make it look like a game for children (not a family game, but literally a children's game), not to mention that these effects are cheesily used; they basically look like someone just dropped a bevel/emboss on text in Photoshop and maybe threw an old paper texture on it, then called it a day, which is ugly, overdone, and (and I cannot stress this enough) it causes the screen to look like it's for a children's game. The map is both a) arbitrary to the screen, and b) arbitrarily placed. I honestly think that the map looking like a Wyvern is also a silly decision (speaking of things that make it feel like a children's game), but that's a whole other discussion.

On the subject of the new logo, here are a couple of things. First, if it is intended as a logo (and it looks like it is), as far as branding is concerned, the Subreddit and Wyvern Source should both contain this logo for consistency (Source would need to be dealt with in some way). Second, it isn't the worst logo I've ever seen, but it's not good. It's tracked way too loosely, and, other than the lee'l Wyvern head, it looks like the same person who went effects crazy in Photoshop designed this logo. Also, speaking of the lee'l Wyvern head, it expresses, for one of the three times on this screen, that this game is called Wyvern. Here's an interesting rule of design - in general, you should show your subject (in this case, a Wyvern), or say what your subject is (in this case, Wyvern), but don't do both because doing both makes it seem like you have little faith in the abilities of the viewer to discern at what he or she is looking.

I could go on, but this is long enough to get the point across. The person who did the graphics for this screen did not do a good job at all. If it was a graphic designer, you should probably let him or her go. If it was the illustrator who designed your pixel art, that does not qualify him or her to be a graphic designer, and he or she should not be treated as such. If it was somebody with no design background who has a copy of Photoshop, that would not be surprising, and that person should not be designing anymore (without some Google searches on Gestalt Principles and design elements). Since this is, presumably, the introduction graphic, and the first thing a player will see upon opening the app, please, please, please don't do it this way.

Thank you for your time,
Nodlove, A Concerned Fan
And then I wake up.

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