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Hey guys. I reopened the poll and gave you all until the end of November to vote. I know you're all busy getting back into the game or trying to distract yourselves from being unable to play, so I thought I'd try to give people some more time to weigh in. It may not seem important, but this is really a trial run to determine whether this method might be a good way for mods to decide things in the future. That's ultimately up to them, but if you want the larger community to have some degree of involvement in decision making instead of everything being decided by the mods, then I would suggest voting.

As things concern just the above subforums, what I'm thinking of doing is putting up any that have a clear lead in the polls when I do maintenance work later in the month. Right now it looks like people want a Fogey's Corner, Individual Guild forums, and a Guides forum. If nothing changes with those in the next week or so I'll put them up. You can still keep voting though and if opinions change on one or more of them I'll take those down. For Individual Races, which votes are presently divided on, and the Group Finder forum, which is for some reason way in the red right now, we'll see where we're at by the end of November.
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