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The mass email has been sent. Could the few of you who still check in here do me a favor and look to make sure you received the email in your inbox and not your spam folder? It's to your own advantage since I will be sending one final mass email out to everyone when the PC client hits, and if you want to see more familiar faces it would be helpful if I can get this right. I did something differently this time and it worked for me on gmail, but I want to make sure that's the case for various services so I can try to figure out what the problem is for next time if not.

Just a quick PM to me or a message in the chatbox saying "Yes, it got through," or "No, it didn't," would be sufficient. Thanks.

Note: If you didn't receive the email at all it might be because you didn't check the little box in your User CP that says you're okay with receiving email from admins.

Edit: It looks like things went through this time around. Thank you everyone who confirmed proper receipt of the email. If, for some reason, it went into anyone's spam folder, please still make sure to let me know. Thanks!
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