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The drama continues. Now Stardock is openly saying that they intend to steal the unique alien races from Star Control I & II for use in future games:

Future Star Control games will have the classic Star Control aliens in them. For years, our position was that we would not use the classic Star Control aliens. I’ve even previously said that PF had common law copyrights on them (because like most people here, I believed their claims).

We held this position because PF asked us not to and said they wanted to continue their story and we wanted that too. But it was always assumed that even if they wanted to work on it themselves, they’d do so as an authorized Star Control game. When they made it obvious that they didn’t believe we have rights to the Star Control aliens (not just what they might have copyrights to but even the names) we had no choice but to defend our rights.

Only the most unreasonable person would argue that Star acontrol games can’t have Star Control aliens simply because an independent contractor of Accolade’s claims rights to names he may or may not of randomly generated 28 years ago. Sorry, I can admire someone’s work without instilling upon him extralegal rights.

Someone might argue that PF “created” the Orz but the evidence actually doesn’t indicate they did. However, even if they had, it was as an independent contractor for Accolade and all they would have is any copyright over the expression of the Orz. It wouldn’t prevent Accolade (or us) from having Orz in our game, it would only prevent a derivative of that artistic expression of the Orz.

Earlier in that same post he was ranting about how Fred and Paul were going around calling them thieves:

In any event, it seems petty to me for them to have spent months calling me, personally, a thief. Hiring a PR agency to issue a press release calling me a thief and doing a media tour attacking us was not helpful to them as it has made it much harder to find a win-win.
The guy was also going on about how Fred and Paul's actions have cost them millions of dollars in potential sales while being oblivious to how much his behavior has turned people off to their product. I do not like these interlopers, and I hope their game crashes and burns.
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