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This is what I saw as a bystander:

Steve was working on it but then he managed to somehow upset someone with extreme autism.
This autist singlehandedly forced steve to go 'Classic Wyvern Wizard' on his *** when the autist proceeded to spam the **** out of the game with multiple accounts. Steve had to implement new spam and shadowbanning mechanisms.

The autist then began hitting the game servers with a DDOS attack, and also found some kind of a vulnerability where they could ask the game to perform expensive calculations which cost Steve a lot of money and ran out the server's resources for the month. This resulted in the game being up and down for a bit. Some players stepped forward to help Steve resolve the issue in a more permanent manner, using standard enterprise class techniques developed to prevent this exact thing from happening.

Then some other minor stuff happened? I can't really remember too well.

Finally, Steve decided to quit google and fly across the pacific to work on what is basically the Uber of Southeast Asia, so lots of things are on hold until that stabilized.

This is all while he's a one man band trying to deal with players getting up to their usual **** with exploiting bugs and being needy, which this time has direct monetary consequences to him keeping wyvern alive.

It's been an absolute blast to watch.
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