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Originally Posted by Arilou View Post
I haven't been following news of this at all, but following your post I found they uploaded new videos. For anyone interested:

I take it from your reply they're now in beta.

Anyway, there won't be the Arilou laleelay in this game, nor will any of the other aliens from the original games appear. Stardock only bought the name at auction. That's the one thing that the original creators did not have the rights to. Everything else, including all the aliens, belong to Paul and Fred, and they opted not to let Stardock use any of that in this game. It's possible, however, that because of how moddable Star Control: Origins is, fans will recreate those races/ships as best they can and share them among themselves. As I've said previously, I think that it has been Stardock's intent to simply let fans do that as a way around the rights issue.
This just turned me off from this project. I was looking forward to it, but I had no idea about the whole rights controversy. I was assuming it was a direct sequel.
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