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Angry New Star Control Game

I saw this trailer for the new upcoming Star Control game (due out this year) -

I thought it might be of interest to a couple of you since a bunch of forum people seemed to have gotten into Star Control 2 during the first downtime after following the link in my signature.

It's not surprising but interesting how closely they have mimicked the original feel of SC2 despite not having the rights to anything save the name (and original SC3 content). They even hired the same composer to score the music for them.

Apparently, they're labeling this as a prequel to the first Star Control game (set before humans met the Alliance or Hierarchy) and are inventing new races for them to encounter because they do not have the rights to any of the aliens that Fred or Paul created in the first two games (that means, among other things, no friendly neighborhood Arilou laleelay to run into).

Personally, I remain perturbed by this whole development and have no interest in actually playing the game. Further, it looks to me like they're pulling a scam that involves them skirting the no SC/SC2 aliens rule by putting it on players to create them in their own modded universes...

As for an in-universe explanation on why those new aliens aren't in the follow-up games, Wardell explains that Star Control might get a little metaphysical. "One of the things we've done with Origins is make it clear that Star Control 1/2, 3, and Origins each exist in their own game universe. Have you ever read the book Ready Player One?" he asked. "We'd like to build Star Control up to being a multiverse where you start the game and can choose which universe you want to go into. A significant part of our budget has been put into developing tools so that after Origins is released, fans will be able to share their own universes with their own stories, aliens, etc."

They're not outright saying it but basically you'll be able to create your own Fred and Paul inspired universe for them and further entice fans of the original to shell out money to them. I find this particularly irksome after all of the partial and failed fan attempts to make free continuations and mods for Star Control over the years. Some will be pleased by this as they'll now have the tools to do it more easily and effectively and that's fair but what bugs me is that their work will now be going to feed the profits of this game company who swooped in and grabbed the brand name.

For those who missed my last rant on this or who are too lazy to read the above link, this all came about because they bought the rights to the name (and original SC3 content) at an Accolades bankruptcy auction. For years, Accolades retained the rights to the brand name while Fred and Paul retained the rights to the storylines and characters in the first two Star Control games. This allowed them to port SC2 but they had to do so under the title, Ur-Quan Masters.
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