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Arilou 09-17-2016 03:47 PM

New Subforum Poll
Okay so, per the Future of the Wyvern forum thread, I'm posting this so you guys can vote on what additional subforums you do or do not want for Wyvern. There's a little nuance involved here so read before voting.

In this poll you can vote not just for one option but for as many as you want. Each subforum comes with two options: one to vote yes for it and one to vote no. To participate go through the list and select yes or no for each subforum, then submit your results. You can technically give both yes and no votes for the same subforum, but if you do so you will simply cancel your vote out. You can also choose not to vote either yes or no for one subforum, while voting for others.

In order to get a subforum approved it needs 15 yes votes. Keep in mind, though, that no votes cancel out yes votes. So, if 16 people voted yes for something and 6 people voted no it will be counted as if it has 11 yes votes only.

This poll will last for exactly one month and then no new votes will be allowed. It's basically an experiment to see if this will work as a viable system for the mods to use to include the wider community in forum decisions (if they so choose). The amount of time to vote and the number required for something to get approved may have to be tweaked so if something doesn't get approved now it doesn't mean that there's no possibility for it to be implemented in the future. Also, if a subforum ends up not attracting activity, it can always be removed later, so you're voting only to try these things, not on what you're permanently stuck with.

The options are as follows:

Fogey's Corner - This is an exclusive subforum for established members only. Basically, if you've signed up for the forum before a certain date you get access to this subforum and if you haven't you don't. It's potentially a place for you to converse with other old timers without the hustle and bustle going on in other subforums and it's been mentioned by one of you that Rhialto has talked about making a server for old timers so if that materializes it might be a useful complement to that. The downside is that it's too much of a hassle to verify and add new returning old players who make an account late, so some people will be excluded. If we make this, though, I will leave the forum open for as long as possible before closing it to new members and put up information telling people to join before it shifts into an exclusive subforum if anyone is interested in access to it.

Individual Guilds - This was suggested by a player and I will leave it up to him to make a post below explaining what he thinks the positives are. Basically you would get a subforum for each exclusive guild in Wyvern. As for negatives, we've had this before on Peach's old forum and it got very little activity. Also, a lot of marginally used subforums can potentially be a hassle for moderators to keep track of.

Individual Races - Same as above. We haven't had this before, but it has essentially the same potential problems as above. Hopefully the suggester will also add the pros for you below. Also, I'm not sure if the person wanted a subforum for each grouping or each individual race. So, for example, do we have a "Giants" subforum or do we have one for fire giants, storm giants, etc.?

Guides - This is simply a place for people to post guides related to the forum whether they be money management guides or guides on how to solve dungeons or build guides.

Group Finder - This was suggested was a group finder subforum. Essentially, it would be like the trade forum where you post that you're looking for a group to do X, usually with some information about yourself and any attributes that you may be looking for in teammates.

That's it. Feel free to post your reasons for voting a particular way below and state your cases for why you think others should do as well. Also, if you feel strongly about a particular subforum, you might want to tell your friends to vote.

Arilou 10-19-2016 07:38 PM

Hey guys. I reopened the poll and gave you all until the end of November to vote. I know you're all busy getting back into the game or trying to distract yourselves from being unable to play, so I thought I'd try to give people some more time to weigh in. It may not seem important, but this is really a trial run to determine whether this method might be a good way for mods to decide things in the future. That's ultimately up to them, but if you want the larger community to have some degree of involvement in decision making instead of everything being decided by the mods, then I would suggest voting.

As things concern just the above subforums, what I'm thinking of doing is putting up any that have a clear lead in the polls when I do maintenance work later in the month. Right now it looks like people want a Fogey's Corner, Individual Guild forums, and a Guides forum. If nothing changes with those in the next week or so I'll put them up. You can still keep voting though and if opinions change on one or more of them I'll take those down. For Individual Races, which votes are presently divided on, and the Group Finder forum, which is for some reason way in the red right now, we'll see where we're at by the end of November.

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